Email In 20 Minutes A Day? Doable

In the interest of sharing things that help you get from busy to done, and because I think Zen Habits is pretty awesome, here’s this from Leo Babatua on how to get through your email in 20 minutes per day.

The thing I like the most about this article is how this thing is couched as a mindfulness exercise. Because by doing that it gets down to the “why” of a thing, instead of just the “how.”

Which is important for all of us trying to get from busy to done: if we don’t understand why we want to do more with purpose, the how will never quite get us to that point.

My favorite technique? A timer.

Set a timer for 20 minutes. Set your container, and work within it.

You’ll hear more from me in the days ahead about boundaries and working within constraints. Because I’m big on the borders in our lives. Sure, some things we’d like to break through.

Other things?

We can’t budge.

Email management is a favorite of all the better time management/personal productivity folks. And it’s a common theme for people who do creative things for a living.

Which is fantastic, but what about people that run larger businesses?

Turns out they have a lot of the same ideas.

Kevin Kruse, who has some amazing stuff on how to manage your life, interviewed over 200 millionaires and asked them how they dealt with email.

My favorite takeaway from his interviews was this about keeping things short and to the point:

Rule #4, keep emails short—really short. Think of emails more like text messages than business letters. Realize that being brief isn’t rude; it’s a sign of respect for the other person’s time.

Our time is the one thing we will never get more of, so the better we use the time we have? The better we are as people.

Here’s the part where I pitch you all kinds of stuff like an email course, a webinar, or a book.

I don’t really have any of that.

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