What Would You Say…B2D Does?

Right now I’m on day 2 of making Busy 2 Done a thing that I do. And someone asked me yesterday what my plan was for B2D (you can expect that hashtag all over the Twitters by the time I’m done), and what I said then was that this is still a work in progress.

Which is how we procrastinators (yeah, I’m one of you, from way back) put off making decisions on things that scare us because we know everything we do will end up in steaming failure.

Like I said in the first post on this blog, there’s going to be some navel gazing. Because B2D’s something I believe in thanks to what I’ve learned about me. And what I’ve learned about me I know can help you. And all the rest of us who struggle with not getting things done.

So the “work in progress” is something we procrastinators use to move deadlines. To get ourselves some breathing room. And give us time to find another YouTube playlist featuring folks launching themselves into above-ground pools.

Except that this time, and with this project, I’ve got an aswer for that. Or at least an idea of where I want this to go. Because I want to be able to answer the 2 Bobs that are a running subtext to my internal monologue. (WARNING: Some NSFW language, so if you’ve got kids who haven’t yet developed their sailor mouth in the room, best get the headphones).

For those of you not familiar with the film, that’s Office Space, and the 2 Bobs are there at Initech to determine who gets to go in the latest round of cubicle farm downsizing. And I put it here because today we’re talking about what it is we do here at B2D. And what we’d like to do.

And by “we” I don’t just mean that in the royal sense. I mean that in the sense that while I get to drive this thing, the thought here is that we’re in this together. All of us, sorting through the busy to get to the done, in ways big and small. I did some work on the planning calendar this morning, and yeah, there’s a lot of ground we’re going to cover. And that’s before we get to guest posts and podcasts and all the other things I’m planning for the first eyar.

What follows then are B2D’s vision, mission, values, and purpose. I’ll put these up on a page somewhere and revise them as we go along, since growth means we change what we’re trying to do. What won’t change, ever, is our values. Because that’s at the heart of who we are at B2D.


A vision statement is all about where a business wants to be. Where it’s headed. And while B2D is a website and a fledgling blog, it’s also a business. It’s a business that’s in the business of helping people be better at a certain set of things. And my vision for B2D?

Where the world goes to get from busy to done.

Because being busy doesn’t just mean your never-ending to-do list. And getting more done isn’t just another set of life hacks or shortcuts. It’s about doing the work to do less of what’s holding us back, and more of what’s going to move our lives, and our world, forward.

I believe we’re killing off the best of ourselves with all the ways we’ve invented to distract us. That we as humans are capable of freakish acts of greatness. And that it’s not just for the outliers. Because I believe in this:

And I think most of us don’t get to genius level because we’re too…busy. Too busy wrapped in other people’s expectations. Or our own expectations. Or our own fears.

Because it’s the busy that’s getting in our way.


Any good mission statement answers questions about your business. And again, B2D is a business, something I’d like to see make money over time. And not too long a time, because if it takes too long, that means we haven’t hit our internal goals for monetization. Most mission statements will tell people what it is you do, how you get that done, who your customers are, and some idea of your company’s core values.

Our Mission at B2D is to provide a busy world with the tools it needs to get the important things done.

Because it has to be about more than just individuals. And while one-on-one mentoring will be one of the mainstays of B2D, I’m committed to providing products and services teams both large and small can use to finish the important stuff. We’ll talk more about importance a lot on the blog.


And for me, as the founder/CEO of B2D (that’s right, it’s gonna say that on the business cards), I’m committed to making these the core values of what B2D stands for. Because the brand is nothing without a set of beliefs and actions that stand behind that giant “2” on the logo. As the company grows, some of the focus areas may change, but the core will stay the same.

  • Listen to our customers and each other
  • Learn from others and ourselves
  • Innovate with intention
  • Be agents of change
  • Deliver joy

Because what we do here at B2D should bring you, our customer, joy. It should free you up from things that are keeping you from getting to the important stuff. If we do it right, that’s how this works.


Getting you from busy to done.

I’ve been missing goals for most of my life. Not because I didn’t reach them, but because I didn’t have them to begin with. I’ve done all righ without them, but I’m at a point where drifting downstream doesn’t make much sense to me. And if this is going to get anywhere near the vision above, I at least should know where we’re headed. Now you do, too.

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